Choosing The Right Agent Can Make All The Difference

With the property market in a sluggish state, now more than ever, it is important to obtain the right agent when selling your property. In recent times properties are taking longer to sell and employing the best agent for your needs can be the difference between obtaining a good price for your home or a mediocre price.

Agent selection is an important part of the selling process in any market really as choosing the right agent can not only mean lower stress levels but also have a significant impact on your selling price.  The relationship between a home seller and agent should be one of all parties having like minded goals. Open and honest communication is the key along with good feedback to the vendor.

When considering placing your home on the market it is wise to conduct some research on the agents in the local area to see if you can find a good match for you.

Ways to research agents include:

  • Visit a number of Open Homes and Auctions to see the agent at work
  • Interview a number of agents
  • Clearly identify what services and marketing each agent is offering
  • Get an itemised breakdown of proposed marketing costs
  • Check out agent websites and social media pages to see how they present themselves
  • Speak to other sellers who have used or are currently using an agent and ask about their experiences.

When selecting your agent don’t choose your agent based simply on their quoted or suggested list price. Often agents are wrong and can over quote a suggested price in order to win a friend and obtain your business. Look for an agent with a proven strategy and process to get you the best result.

Equally important is not basing your choice on a ‘cheap’ discounted commission. You do not pay any commission until the agent has done the job and a strong negotiator can get you more in your pocket in the final selling price than a few thousand dollars promised in the beginning.

Make sure that you can communicate with your agent and that you feel comfortable with your selection. Your home is usually the most valuable asset you own so it makes sense that you entrust the sale to an agent you can trust has your best interests at heart.